Fun Zone waiver

Please read the waiver below and fill out the required fields found in the following form sections. All liability language from the waiver will apply to all persons listed below.

IN consideration of being allowed to enter into the Fun center and Nerf arena/or participate in any parties or programs at Mystic Dragon Fun Center LLC, the undersigned, on his or her own behalf and on behalf of the minor identified acknowledges, appreciates and agrees that:

1. Inflatables and Nerf Gun play can be hazardous and dangerous.  Activities require strenuous exercise and various degrees  of skill and expertise.  I understand that these activities can result in serious injury to the person or child.  I assume any and all risk and damage or injury while on Mystic Dragon Fun Center's property.

2.  I am aware of the risk, hazards and danger of personal injury, disability and /or death as a result of participation at Mystic Dragon Fun Center.

3.  I have read a copy of the safety rules of the Dragon Center and understand that it is my responsibility to ask questions about them if necessary.  I also understand , it is my responsibility to monitor my child(ren) understand the rules.   Although there are referees to monitor the children playing, it is my responsibility to monitor my child(ren) and my own activities.  I will bring any observation of the rules being broken to the attention of a Mystic Dragon Fun Center staff member.  I certify that I and /or my child(ren) are in good health and that I and /or my child(ren) have no physical limitations, which would preclude safe participation at Mystic Dragon Fun Center.

4. In consideration for the admissions of my child, I hereby release, waive and forever discharge and convenant not to sue Mystic Dragon Fun Center LLC and its owner, agents, or  employees, officers, directors, executors, administrators, assignees, and all other persons or entities acting on behalf, from any and all claims, actions, damages, liability, cost or expense including attorney fees which are related to or arise out of any way connected to my child(ren) participation or use of the facility including those that may arise out of negligence of other participants or visitors. 

5. Mystic Dragon Fun Center LLC will not be at fault or held responsible for any injuries or illness exposure while participating in any activities in Mystic Dragon Fun Center.

6.  I acknowledge that my or my child(ren)'s participation in activities at Mystic Dragon Fun Center is strictly voluntary.  I hereby certify I am over 18 years of age;  I have carefully read the foregoing covenants not to sue and acknowledge that I understand and agree to all the above terms and conditions. Prior to signing this agreement, I have had an opportunity to ask any questions and I am aware that by signing this waiver an agreement, I am assuming all risk and potential injury while on the premises.  Lastly, I expressly represent that I have the authority, expressed or implied, to bring said child(ren) to Mystic Dragon Fun Center prior to signing this agreement and I am assuming all risks and potential injury while on Mystic Dragon Fun Centers premises 

Mystic Dragon Fun Center Safety Rules

Mystic Dragon Fun Center has areas designated for socks only

Participants should use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner to prevent person injury and property damage

Access to large equipment is restricted to those who meet the minimum height requirements.

Long jewelry and loose articles should be removed before entering the play area

Please alert staff to any medical condition that may require assistance

parents or guardians assume full responsibility and liability for children while on the premises. 

Children under 8 Should always b accompanied by a parent and guardian.

Mystic Dragon Fun Center is a non-smoking facility

Gum chewing in not permitted in the play area

For your safety, no running or rough play is permitted

Participants are not permitted to engage in hazardous play of any kind.

Mystic Dragon Fun Center is not responsible for any  lost, stolen, or damaged personal property brought into or stored on the premises

No food or drink allowed outside of bites area

Mystic Dragon Fun Center reserved the right to request anyone who violated these rules to leave the facility immediately

Mystic Dragon Fun Center reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone


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